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AbellTodd  -  Teacher - ART 330-689-5300
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AbrahimAbeer  -  Tutor - Title 1 330-689-5330
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AchesonBrian  -  Maintenance/Mail Courier 330-689-5445
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AdamsLaura  -  Bus Aide 330-689-5234
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AdamsMelissa  -  Safety Education Specialist 330-689-5250
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AdminHighSchool  -  Principal 330-689-5300
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AhrensCatherine  -  Preschool Teacher 330-689-5320
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AlexanderJulie  -  Teacher - Grade K 330-689-5320
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AllardElaine  -  CafĂ© Manager 330-689-5288
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AllenLeah  -  Teacher - Foreign Language 330-689-5288
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AllenNichole  -  Title 1 330-689-5445
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AllmanAmibeth  -  Long-Term Sub 330-689-5300
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AllwesSuzanne  -  Teacher - Grade 6 330-689-5250
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AlsherifiAllyson  -  Cook 330-689-5445
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AndersonAllison  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5250
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AngelyBobbi  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5288
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ArcherJulie  -  Receptionist 330-689-5300
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ArnoldStephanie  -  Cook 330-689-5320
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ArriolaAudrey  -  Cook 330-689-5250
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AshtonJen  -  Counselor 330-689-5250
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AugustineRyane  -  Teacher - Grade 2 330-689-5310
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AukemanRichelle  -  Aide - Educational 330-689-5450
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BadarAmanda  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
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BaileyJennifer  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5300
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BakerDonna  -  Aide - Transportation 330-689-5450
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BalchakKatianne  -  Long-Term Sub 330-689-5320
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BaldwinKatherine  -  Custodian 330-689-5250
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BanasBrian  -  Coach Tennis 330-689-5300
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BanburyLaura  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5450
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BarberAllison  -  Teacher - Grade 3 330-689-5320
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BarchalkAlyssa  -  Teacher - Grade 2 330-689-5330
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BarkerJames  -  Resource Officer 330-689-5250
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BarnaDana  -  Teacher - Grade 2 330-689-5320
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BarnesMary  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5310
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BarnesValerie  -  OT Assistant 330-689-5320
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BaroneDavid  -  Teacher - Grade 6 330-689-5250
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BartekJill  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
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BaughmanDeborah  -  Teacher - Grade 6 330-689-5250
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BaumannRenee  -  Teacher - Grade 2 330-689-5460
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BaxterSamantha  -  Substitute Bus Driver 330-689-5445
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BeckaMegan  -  Speech Language Pathologist 330-689-5445
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BeckerSara  -  Long-Term Sub Counselor 330-689-5445
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BeckleyMarlene  -  Teacher - Grade 5 Gifted 330-689-5250
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BedilionMcKenzie  -  Teacher - Grade 3 330-689-5310
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BehalSarah  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
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BellAmy  -  ESC Teacher 330-689-5445
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BellinskiSheryl  -  Nurse 330-689-5460
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BenfieldCynthia  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5310
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BengstonHappy  -  Title 1 Coordinator 330-689-5445
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BentleyRose  -  Long-Term Substitute 330-689-5250
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BerardiDebbi  -  Intervention Specialist 330-689-5445
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BerdyszJaime  -  Preschool Aide 330-689-5320
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BeresNancy  -  Teacher - Grade 5 330-689-5250
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BernardezVictor  -  Coach Volleyball 330-689-5300
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BertkaSherilyn  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5310
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BettioGeraldine  -  Board Member 330-688-8297
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BeverlinJon  -  Custodial Supervisor 330-689-5445
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BezdekHeather  -  Teacher - Grade 5 330-689-5250
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BiddleSandra  -  Cook 330-689-5300
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BiggsWilliam  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
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BileyJacob  -  Custodian 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jacob Biley [Profile] for Jacob Biley
BileyPamela  -  Custodian 330-689-5450
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BileyValerie  -  Public Relations Intern 330-689-5445
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BiltzStacy  -  Aide - Noontime 330-689-5470
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BirdBob  -  Technology Coordinator 330-689-5445
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BivensErin  -  Secretary - Attendance 330-689-5288
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BlackCurtis  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
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BlackwellJeanie  -  Teacher - Grade 3 330-689-5310
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BlairSusan  -  Bus Driver 330-689-5234
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BlueAmanda  -  Itinerant Teaching Services 330-689-5320
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