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Welcome to the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District Treasurer's Office. Our purpose is to efficiently facilitate the District's resources in the most effective manner to promote our students' academic achievement. Additionally, our office ensures the District's resources are handled in legal compliance, and accurately reports the District's finances.


Five-Year Forecast

The 5 Year Forecast and its assumptions are estimates based on historical trends and information available at the time of the filing. The information and data used in preparing the five-year forecast is conservative in nature.

If you have any questions about the forecast and/or assumptions do not hesitate to contact me at 330-689-5416.


Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


Record Retention Schedule


Current Single Audit


Monthly Financial Reports

Jul 2020                    Jan 2021                    Jul 2021                    Jan 2022

Aug 2020                  Feb 2021                    Aug 2021                  Feb 2022

Sep 2020                  Mar 2021                   Sep 2021                   Mar 2022

Oct 2020                   Apr 2021                    Oct 2021                   Apr 2022

Nov 2020                  May 2021                   Nov 2021                  May 2022

Dec 2020                  Jun 2021                    Dec 2021                  Jun 2022




Useful Links

CUPP Report

Fiscal Benchmarking

Where do my taxes go?

          Ohio Checkbook


Trevor Gummere, treasurer

Trevor Gummere



Karen Brown

Karen Brown
Assistant Treasurer


Diane Shaheen

Christie Robinson
Assistant to the Treasurer

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