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Our Mission is to Provide a 21st Century Education Empowering Each Learner to Be a Self-Motivated Successful Citizen in a Global Society


The purpose of schooling is to ensure that each child, regardless of background, learns to think, reason and use his or her mind well.

The school district is organized to encourage children to use knowledge to solve problems rather than passively absorb knowledge to be used at some other time.

District-level staff supports initiatives from the school buildings that are designed to produce better results for students.

Teachers are viewed as leaders: their primary job is to engage students in significant activity that results in learning.

One of the most critical jobs of the superintendent is to develop a vision of the future and to initiate action toward that vision.



Regarding Statutory Reference 3313.666 (B) (10), the following is in compliance with my assigned duties as Superintendent of Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools.

There were a total of one-hundred twenty-two (122) reported cases of bullying (including on-line, teasing related to physical appearance, on-going name calling, threatening, physical intimidation, texting harassment, and exclusion); fifty-two (52) of those were found to have merit.

Action taken included implementation of the motivational speakers presenting to the students, student counseling, classroom meetings, staff meetings, staff training, parental meetings, peer to peer meetings, verbal reprimands, reflection sheets, assigned bus/cafeteria/classroom seats, loss of privileges, written apologies, physical monitoring of situations, juvenile court referrals, detentions, in-school, and out-of-school suspensions.


Tom Bratten

Tom Bratten



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